Elegant Implementation

In every project implemented, we strive to deliver the most elegant results, both in efficiency and the outlook.

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Planning is Key

We are most happy to assist our customers in planning, calculations and comparisons on which technology to choose and purchase.

Reliable Support

Our customers benefit greatly from impeccable support and minimal response times that we offer with confidence.

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Who are we?

DCtek is an integrator company with extended expertise in Data Center & Telecom Facility Design, Build, Maintenance and Repair Services.

DCtek provides mission critical lifecycle services from the planning and building phases to assessments. Our specialized data center engineering, construction and maintenance services are packaged into custom turn-key solutions. Through consistent management efforts and field experiences we have revolutionized traditional infrastructure services, achieving lower costs and higher performance from the beginning.

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To provide state of the art data center facilities, installation, and management services to our customers.
We aspire to be one of the key players that the customers go to, be it counseling or problem solving.
Our expertise helps create turnkey solutions that perfectly serve your needs.

Core Expertise

While many customers usually require one-stop-shop solution providers to cater to all their needs, we believe focusing on what we do the best is the ultimate firmula for succees. Our customers benefit greatly from our core areas of expertise where we deliver to top of the line quality.

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Data Center DesignDevelopment

Data center professionals are looking for guidance on how to best integrate modern technologies into a physical infrastructure that will allow them to meet mandates for reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and providing additional capacity.
Our infrastructure designs are based on a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, your logical IT architecture, overall infrastructure, and business objectives. These factors are the framework within which we develop the optimal physical infrastructure for your data center, seamlessly merging the physical systems — power, cooling, racks, pathways, cabling, bonding, and identification — with the IT equipment they support — servers, switches, storage and monitoring.

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Thermal ManagementServices

The sole purpose of data center cooling technology is to maintain environmental conditions suitable for information technology equipment (ITE) operation.

Achieving this goal requires removing the heat produced by the ITE and transferring that heat to some heat sink. In most data centers, the operators expect the cooling system to operate continuously and reliably. Most mechanical engineers do not truly understand data center operations and design. Most HVAC engineers start in office or residential design, focusing on comfort cooling, before getting into data center design. The paradigms they learn in those design projects don’t necessarily translate well to data centers.

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Passive Networks Development

Your data center is the heart that pumps the lifeblood of your business. Without it, everything stops. And when it has problems, so does your business. Myriad issues can plague a data center. And although most people don't realize it, improper cabling can be one of those issues. But with some easy planning and work up front, you can maximize the efficiency and reliability of your data center cabling.


DCtek does what its name suggests - we are a company well versed in providing complete scope of data center infrastructure solutions and services.

Environment Monitoring

• Temperature and humidity monitoring
• Air flow monitoring and management
• Fire safety components

Video Surveillance

• Scalable video surveillance systems with up to 10 000 cameras in one network
• Development of tailored solutions for industrial premises and areas of increased security
• Integration with analytics systems

Testing and Audit

• Audit of engineering systems in existing Data Centers
• Testing for complaience with industry standards
• Optimized configuration of existing equipment for better performance and cost savings

Project Development

• Development of project cost and technical documentation
• Install, configure and powering of electromechanical systems
• Technical support and maintenance of electromechanical systems in the Data Center

Access Control

• Scalable access control and management systems with up to 10 000 concurrent connections
• Integration with other systems: CCTV, Fire Alarm and Suppression, BMS
• Automation systems for private ans residential buildings

Industrial Automation

• Automation systems for industrial buildings
• Automation systems for commercial buildings and meeting rooms
• Automation systems for private ans residential buildings

Precision Cooling

• Water and gas cooling for Data Centers
• Compliance with industry standards
• Optimized configuration of existing equipment for better performance and cost savings

Power Management

• Power distribution boards
• Automated lighting systems
• Stabilizers and power generators
• Electrical cable infrastructure

Critical Power

• Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for industrial buildings
• Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for Data Centers
• Surge protection systems

Hardware Installation

• Mounting and installation of server and network rack enclosures
• Installation of active server and network equipment
• Running cable connections and labelling

Raised Floor

• Raised access floor for commercial and industrial buildings and Data Centers
• Cable and cooling pipe routing planning and design

Structured Cabling System

• Network cable infrastructure for industrial and commercial buildings
• Data Center network cross-connections
• Preparation and provision of system warranties for Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)


Every technology-oriented company needs strong and reliable partners backing the business with their support. We are proud to be partners of leading global brands and rendering services for the mutual benefits and fair win-win scenario. You can scroll left and right to see them all.

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We are strategically located in the city center with easy access to most of our customers.

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